muacrypt: Help mail agents manage Autocrypt encryption

muacrypt provides a command line tool and a Python API to help mail agents, both user and server-side, integrate and manage automated e-mail end-to-end encryption with The project was so far mainly developed by holger krekel (@hpk42) and Azul (@azul) whose work is funded by the European Commission through the NEXTLEAP research project on decentralized messaging. The NEXTLEAP project is concerned with researching and developing secure identity and e2e-encryption protocols and aims to contribute to securing Autocrypt against active attacks.

Aims and goals

  • Automatically tested Autocrypt Level 1 compliant API and command line tool, for use by mail user agents (MUAs) and remailers.
  • a plugin architecture to integrate other techniques with autocrypt related mail processing. A first example is muacryptcc which implements the decentralized ClaimChain key consistency protocol.
  • integrate muacrypt with mutt and other MUA setups that call out into commandline tools to automatically achieve e-mail e2e encryption that does not annoy others or yourself (hopefully!)
  • integrate muacrypt with mailman3 in order to achieve opportunisitically encrypted mailing lists.